Terms used in the soccer game

The football or judi bola online is one of the most common games which is famous between all age peoples including the children. There are millions of fans are present in all over the world. Even though football is a most popular game, some of the terms used in the soccer game will not understand by the normal peoples.

Here is the explanation for 2 of the common terms used in football betting,

  • Match odds/ 1*2,
  • Over or under(OU) dan total goal(TG)

Match odds/ 1*2:

The match odds in the football game is known as the code 1*2 in general words which is mostly used in the Asian continent countries. Under The category of match odds, there are 3 options which are named as,

  • 1 Home that is called as hosts,* Draw or also the serious,
  • 2 away that is also called as team quest.

If you put you believe in 1, then the host will win * the second when a team will win. The match odds count only the use of normal time as 2*45 minutes and there is no extra time on the count.

Over or under(OU) dan total goal(TG):

The goal total is defined as the number of goals in the football match within the time limit of normal time as 2*45 minutes, whereas the over and under is a type of the betting match on weather the match goal total value past is predetermined.

For an example the over 2.5 is equal to the total goals of 3 or more, that means, you will win if the goals are created at an equal time or more than 3, will be denoted as 3-0,1-2,2-1 or 3-0 manner. Whereas the goal total under 2.5 is created with no more or 3 goals then we will win the match.

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